The HackOmation is a yearly challenge for innovators combining skills in software, electronics and mechanics. In teams of 3 to 5 they have to build and present a fully functional Internet of Things solution to a jury of sector specialists. Solutions need to at least be able to read one or more sensors and control one or more actuators via e web- or mobile app over the Internet. Apps built will be appraised by the judges on technical aspects, user experience, functionality and commercial or social value thereof.
    The 3th edition of the HackOmation Internet of Things challenge starts in January 2022 until May 2022 with main theme :
    “Mobility & Productivity Solutions for Suriname”
    We will hack solutions for Mobility & Productivity Solutions with approximately 80+ participants in 20+ teams of average 5 members. In the Covid Pandemic it became very clear that we need solutions for Mobility and increased Productivity to cope with the new normal. We still need to produce, deliver goods and services in an even more challenging era. Helping out small and medium businesses with new tools and facilities will be the focus of HackOmation 2022. Participants will work on solving Mobility & Productivity Solutions with practical solutions readily applicable. Using project documentation it would be easy to continue work on these projects afterwards as thesis or internship projects.

About us

Hackomation is organised by IT-Core Suriname Foundation.
The foundation was established in 2013 and main goals are the development of Innovation in ICT via challenges, events, training and networking. Since the establishment we were involved in a wide range of activities such as RoboKidz event to train and coach young ones the basics of robotics in a playful way. Also we launched the first yearly hackathon in Suriname. Our flag-ship event is the HackOmation combining coding, engineering and robotics into a single 3 month event.
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Frequently asked

Internet of Things, the concept of connected everyday items to Internet, is currently the biggest technology boom on the planet and estimated is that by 2022 there will be around 5-10times more devices connected to the internet than there is people on our planet. This is of course a great opportunity for Suriname to take active part in this revolution and increase spirit of innovation in general in our country.


    1-5: Not unique to totaly disruptive,


    Scoring 1-5: How much impact has your product on the target market and ofcourse how big is this target group in relation to the extent of the addressed problem Not relevant to cat 2: 3: Addresses a cat. relevant prob, diffcult to implement/scale, no plan to move forward 4: Addresses a cat. relevant prob, hard to implement/scale, clear plan to move the proj forward 5: Mobility lifecycle, easily be scaled

    User Experience

    1-5: From not usable to intuitive and visually appealing.

    Presentation, Teamwork, Business-case

    These aspects will also be scored and could add valuable points to the teams over-all scores

    Weight factors / other criteria

    The independant panel of judges decides weight factors on all aspects and may add extra bonus elements at their own discretion.


HackOmation 2022 has 3 price awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd best innovations as selected by the jury. Prices will be announced during the event finale on 6th June 2022.

DevPost profiles

Winners are obliged and other participants are urged and to submit their projects with marketing video and description to HackOmation on DevPost. This is important to potentially receive seed-funding for your project


After the event 3 projects may receive incentive/seed-funding to further develop their product supported by selected expert coaches. This is to up-scale the projects to a market ready project including marketing plan. This is a separate selection and both winners and non-winners are urged to participate if they are serious about launching their projects to market.

Signup RSVP

Participants planning to attend an in-person event will RSVP following the instructions on hackomation2022.eventbrite.com . All event attendees will also need to register on Devpost.com to be able to submit their presentation to Devpost global Hackomation gallery at the end of the event. Presentations should be submitted as soon as possible once the event is over and no later than one week after the finals. All submissions must include a 5 minute demonstration (PowerPoint) or other visual digital presentation software of the app / or solution.

Sign up for HackOmation 2022 (each participant)

Sign up for devPost (each team)

Additional requirements

  • Submissions must be entirely the original work of the entrant(s) – whether it is an individual or team;
  • Submissions must not contain any advertisement or solicitation;
  • Submissions must not contain anything that is or may be construed as: (i) threatening, harassing, degrading or hateful; (ii) defamatory; (iii) fraudulent or tortious; (iv) obscene, indecent or otherwise objectionable; or (v) protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express prior consent of the owner of such right;
  • Submissions must not contain any material that would give rise to criminal or civil liability or that encourages conduct that constitutes a criminal offense;
  • and
  • Submissions must otherwise comply in all respects with these Rules and the Policies.
  • Any and all works created during the Hackomation are developed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License legalcode.
  • Hackomation and its representatives will have no responsibility for, and will have the right to refuse at its sole and absolute discretion, any entries that have been altered, tampered with, misdirected, incomplete, non-conforming, corrupt, lost, late, or ineligible, whether due to Internet or e-mail server failure or otherwise. Proof of transmission of a submission shall not constitute proof of receipt. It is each entrant’s responsibility to keep Hackomation.co and their representatives informed of any changes to entrant’s contact or other information during the Hackomation. The U.S. Government reserves the right to develop any of the applications that are created through the contest Hackomation. By agreeing to participate in this event and signing these rules, the contestants who have created the open source application(s) waive any future claims against the Government for compensation.


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